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Stockcharts.com membership scans

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1Stockcharts.com membership scans Empty Stockcharts.com membership scans on Thu Apr 30, 2015 4:59 pm


Just want to note that I have a stockcharts.com membership and if anyone wants me to run a scan on something (or a historical scan on a particular date), post the code and I'll run it and give you the results. They have a user guide on their website for scan codes.

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2Stockcharts.com membership scans Empty Re: Stockcharts.com membership scans on Thu Apr 30, 2015 7:32 pm

Cool Bob thanks for sharing. I'll take advantage of that when I'm done with classes in May

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3Stockcharts.com membership scans Empty Re: Stockcharts.com membership scans on Sat May 02, 2015 10:29 pm

I'm going to switch over to stockfetcher instead.  I did the free trial of stockfetcher and it found a couple of stocks that stockcharts left out for some reason, that did actually meet the criteria.  No idea why stockcharts left them out - same scan criteria.  Plus, it is only about $9 a month instead of $24.  But anyways, if anyone wants me to run a stockfetcher scan, post the code (and date if data needed on a previous date) and I'll post the results.

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4Stockcharts.com membership scans Empty Re: Stockcharts.com membership scans on Sun May 03, 2015 1:48 pm

Interesting, for one of the stocks that stockfetcher picked up and stockcharts did not, here was the reply from stockcharts.  If anything, it is interesting the difference in values between all different data sources.  The suggestion to remove the last line though does not really work for the bottom feeders portfolio though since it would return too many results, some of the results would be on the lower end of the S&P 500, which is specifically the stocks I was purposely screening out.  What I have been reading from various reviews is that stockcharts is the best web based charting service, but stockfetcher is the best web based scanner.  Plus the $9 versus $24 price tag difference makes stockfetcher my go to service for scanning in the future.  Also, the interesting note below is that stockcharts does not maintain historical market cap data probably explains why I was getting way too many results when I was doing earlier backtests (2007).  I was assuming it was updating market cap data historically, so I lowered the market cap in relation to the index for 2007.  In addition, I remember I ran a scan for Bill, and the results for stockcharts were different from stockfetcher.  Spot checking a few of these, it appears that stockfetcher has the better data.

Anyways, here is the response:

"Thank you for sending us your message. To find out where the problem lies, you can "comment out" each of the clauses in your scan one-at-a-time and re-run the scan until DISCA appears in the results. You can comment out a clause by added "//" to the beginning of that line. (Anything following "//" is ignored by the scan engine until a new line is started).

By doing that, I found that in order to have DISCA appear in the results for Jan. 12, 2015 (i.e. 76 trading days ago), you need to remove the final clause:

and [market cap > 11000]

To see what value we have for DISCA's market cap, you can use the "Rank By" feature of our Scan Engine. Simply add "Rank By [market cap]" to the end of the scan and re-run it. When you do that, you will see an additional column for Market Cap in your scan results. And in the case of DISCA, you'll see that our value is 4870.810.

Yahoo Finance has DISCA's market cap as 18,050 million
Google Finance has DISCA's market cap as 13,570 million
Bloomberg has DISCA's market cap as 20,660.61 million
MSN Money has DISCA's market cap as 14,380 million

While I can't tell you which of those market cap values is correct, I will say that ours looks suspiciously low. I will have our data team investigate that value on Monday. Regardless, given the wild variation in reported market caps, I would simply leave that clause out of your scan since the "[group is SP500]" clause already ensures that only large-cap stocks are considered.

One other important thing to remember about Market Cap and our Scan Engine, Market Cap is unaffected by date offsets. In other words, Market Cap is always _today's_ Market Cap value. It is not the Market Cap value on (for example) Jan. 12, 2015. We do not store historical data for Market Cap.

Cole Johnson
StockCharts Support

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