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Current Holdings

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1Current Holdings Empty Current Holdings on Sat May 30, 2015 12:35 pm

So...my current experience with swing trading stocks....

Current holdings:
depo, hsy, ths, tdc, nbl, ftr, wfm, skm, viab, KORS....these ave. -2% right now with 8 down and 2 up....disappointing!
Total of -$965 right now with almost $400 of which is depo...having made a second buy on that one....but is has improved of late...And, with the $20k+ investment...it's now cramping my style with ugaz and uwti....

Closed position:
wynn, fcx, bby, ubnt, lc, aria, chk.....these ranged from +$9 to +$223 with a total of +$799

So basically all of these investments have happen since late early May....so net negative <$200 for May? Doesn't seem too bad... Goal is to make $200 clear on each one...but if they drag on and are dogs for another month...

I'm very impatient...but I guess I should have a horizon of 6 mos. like the TGMBFS

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