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1RULES/DISCLAIMER Empty RULES/DISCLAIMER on Thu Apr 30, 2015 11:26 pm

We want to thank you all for joining our forum and we hope we can all share great ideas for investing.
Just a few ground rules, since this is a space where our stock group shares ideas and keeps in contact; this isn't your Facebook wall.

1. No trash talking, if you don't agree with someone's pick you can argue it but be decent.
2. No racist, homophobic or sexist remarks will be tolerated. You will be banned on the first incident.
3. Please don't spam or make duplicate posts, place all related ideas in their appropriate threads

We are investors, we take risks. We are not financial advisors and only make suggestions based on our individual trading strategies. Consult your broker or financial advisor before investing. Investment involves significant financial risk, and no member of the 10GM team is responsible for your losses.

Have fun and good luck to us all!
-The 10GM Team

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