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1Taylor-- Stocktweets @Invest_In_F Empty Taylor-- Stocktweets @Invest_In_F on Thu Apr 30, 2015 11:39 pm

Hey there everyone. I'm a younger, less risky trader. My strategy is built on longevity and prefer slower overall growth.
Currently my portfolio consists of:


My best trade ever, was actually my first. In 2008, I was 19, and took everything I had an bought Ford at $1.79/share.
Purchased almost 1,000 shares....Sold in 2013 @ 13.00 something.
Nothing compared to day traders, but it taught me two things
1. Trading can be a great way to seriously grow your money
2. Ford kicks GM/Dodge ass all day, every day. Wink

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2Taylor-- Stocktweets @Invest_In_F Empty Re: Taylor-- Stocktweets @Invest_In_F on Sat May 02, 2015 6:28 pm

Yes I would have to agree that stock investing can most certainly add growth to your financial situation. Also in the years I have been investing within the stock market I have invested in Ford (F) as well and I would have to strongly agree that the stock in my opinion does better then the competition. Funny but I actually own a Chevy vehicle but would not choose to invest within Chevrolet EVER!

P.S. In regards to your greatest trade I want to say FANTASTIC job on that and I would be very proud of that investment choice.


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