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Running an experiment with a $3,000 account on Tradeking

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New record $3296.54. Goal was $3166.67 by July 17th - so far so good. $1 million, here I come! Haha!

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Sold off NUGT at 6.91 fro
6.60 buy, 250 shares. Still holding uslv at loss.

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Tempted to load the USLV truck to bring down average for profitable trade.  Don't like having all eggs in one basket though.

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Haven't done anything yet.  Nothing on my list moving too much and I'm being patient and opportunistic (need something to flat out tank).  Was thinking about DWTI as a contratian move to my main account.  I figure, if it dives, I win in the main account.  If it rises, then at least my $3K account goes up, but I need to stop thinking like that.  Just do what is best.  Feeling confident about my 17-JUL goal and with some cash on hand for anything that dives deep.

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bought 121 shares of USLV premarket 14.40, and dang, just realized i dipped into margin account by $1.53.  Should have bought 120 shares, but did the calc too quick without thinking of commission.

Oh well, errors will be made here and there.  Anyways, sell order at $16.12 for all 222 shares averaged at 15.36.  May end up selling for all my shares (222 at 15.36 average) for a loss if the situation presents itself (thinking 14.75).  Just realized after I bought that silver keeps tanking.  Hopefully recovers.  Dangers of putting all eggs in one basket.  May end up calling it a day if I get back to the monthly $166.67 goal by 17-JUL and chalk it up as lessons learned.

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I was thinking that technically, my goal for month number 1 should be $130.50, not $166.67.  Since 3000*(1.0435)^12 = $5,000 (year 1 goal).  So for month 1, my goal should be $3,000*.0435 = $130.50.  So despite taking a beating on Silver, I am still ahead.  I was hoping to be way ahead, but oh well.  Will take experience forward to month 2.  Good news is that mistakes were made and still ahead of schedule and I still have a couple of days to go. 

Calculating out goal for month 2.  $3130.50*.0430 = $136.18.

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Thinking of selling off half the silver at $14.43.  Would be a loss, but I want to lock in on goal for month 1.

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Well, it's official, I sold all my uslv for only 14.15 (I'm sure it will be up 100% tomorrow morning, haha) for a big loss, but the important thing is locking in meeting my monthly goal of $3,130.50 before July 17th.   I started month #1 on June 17th so I will start month #2 on July 17th (tomorrow).

I'm officially calling this 1 month now and taking a breather overnight before initiating any more trades.

My total account value is now $3,134.73, so I beat my goal by $4.23.  Not much, but glad to meet the goals.

Next month's goal is to hit $3,266.68, or a gain of $131.95.

My thoughts and lessons learned from month 1:

1.  Do not put all your eggs in one basket.
2.  After beating monthly goal, implement measures to protect the goal at all costs.  Stop losses, trailing stops, always keep 50% in cash, etc.
3.  Glad to have beat my goal despite the mistakes.  But need to reduce these, and I made some bad ones with Silver.
4.  $3,000 is really hard to work with in terms of number of positions that I could buy.  Month 2 should be slightly easier (but not much) with $3,134.73.  Most of month 1 was 2 positions max.  Month 2, will try 3 positions of $1035 for flexibility.  Downside is commission eats a little more of each trade.  
5.  Need a better plan for why I am entering positions.  Not just, "hmmm, it is down for the day, what the heck, I'm buying!".
6.  Avoid the under $2/stock trade commisisons on tradeking.
7. Need to be better about when to take losses. One loser shouldn't wipe out 5 winners.

Some stats for month 1:

Number of positions entered: 8
Number of times sell orders executed: 7
Total Commissions and fees paid: $83.09 (yipes!)
Total Proits after commissions: $134.73
Best Trade:  Bought 500 shares UWTI $3.35, Sold for $3.61.
Total Profitable trades (when selling, sometimes combined positions): 6
Total Losing trades: 1  (one big giant almost $300 silver loser!)

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For tomorrow, my eyes are on Oil, Gold Miners, and Silver are on my list, borrowing from the 3x system. May buy all 3 in equal increments. Or depending on the action, may buy 2 and keep a cash position on hand.

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Bought all 3 at open today, silver, gold miner, and oil. 1/3 each.

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Finally sold something.  70 shares USLV from 13.86 to 15.25 (premarket).  10% gain.

Just need NUGT and UWTI to do something.

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Bought 900 shares UWTI at 1.19 with my silver winnings.

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Just for the record, experiment not doing so good right now (down about $500!), but commodities appear to have turned the corner.  Finally got rid of silver for a 10% gain.  Hopefully, gold miners continue up and then oil follows.

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