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101STOCK: UGAZ - Page 5 Empty Re: STOCK: UGAZ on Tue Jul 07, 2015 12:16 pm

Phew, charts starting to turn around and look better. Crude may actual turn postive and silver heading higher finally.

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102STOCK: UGAZ - Page 5 Empty Re: STOCK: UGAZ on Thu Jul 09, 2015 8:15 am

Dilemna I am thinking about. Cycle my low buys out for potentially repeated profits hoping that it drops after I sell them, or hold them for greater one time profits later.

What I mean is for example, let say you bought a 3x fund at (keeping the math simple):
1st buy: $3
2nd buy: $2.50
3rd buy: $2

Say total average is: $2.30 (increasing buys as it drops, not equal buys)

1. Let's say the funds price goes back up to $2.25. This would be a 12.5% profit on buy number 3 ($2), then if it drops back down to $2, buy again, rinse and repeat.

2. On the other side, if the price doesn't actually drop back down to $2, but keeps powering forward, I'd miss out on huge profits since I bought more shares with buy #3 at a lower price than buys #1 and #2.

I like 1. from a psychology standpoint since it locks in some profits quicker. What is more profitable is in unknown. If it cycles back down over and over, #1 is more profitable. If it doesn't cycle back down, #2 is more profitable.

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103STOCK: UGAZ - Page 5 Empty Re: STOCK: UGAZ on Thu Jul 09, 2015 11:41 am

Well I ended up doing nothing so far since I've been busy not looking at my computer.  Silver and UWTI both look like candidates though.  1500 shares UWTI bought 1.97 during that crazy dip day, could sell now at 2.22 for $375 profit minus fees.  But my average is like 2.48 - would like to get a little more.  I have 450 shares USLV I also bought on crazy dip day that I can get $425 out of.  If I pursue this, $500 bank on each would be ok, $750-$1000 each would be more enticing.

Other thing that I am thinking of is banking the loss in my taxable account (sell those higher priced shares)  for the tax purposes and keeping the lower priced shares in my IRA. What I did this cycle is made my first couple of buys (the higher share price buys) in my taxable account and the lower priced buys in my IRA.

That may be the ticket.

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104STOCK: UGAZ - Page 5 Empty Re: STOCK: UGAZ on Mon Jul 13, 2015 8:23 pm

Finally got a chance to unload some shares (2000s) at a modest profit. I'm bullish on ugaz and hated to sell cheap, but I need ammo for uwti to weather the storm (and potential decay) of my buys at low to mid-3s....ouch. I really only worry about decay in a 90+ day timeframe...but it is a real and challenging cost to longer term holds.

And, I've said before that I consider 'turns' of my $ inventory as a very important emerging issue for my investment strategy....

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105STOCK: UGAZ - Page 5 Empty Re: STOCK: UGAZ on Tue Jul 14, 2015 5:32 am

Same here. Sold 2250 shares at 2.23 from 1.99 overall average and will use to buy more if it dips or to bring down uwti average. Sold 1500 uwti at 2.22 from 1.96, but average still 2.68. Hoping to bring that average down, but at least pulled out $400 of profit I guess, but down like $1500 overall. I figure as I wait for it to recover, I'll keep cycling the bottom out to try to cut those losses. Thinking 1500 shares buy at low 2's for uwti.

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106STOCK: UGAZ - Page 5 Empty Re: STOCK: UGAZ on Tue Jul 14, 2015 8:18 am

Yep....got enough to buy my way down on uwti, but unsettled....could use those and get a warning, but may have missed the lows already???

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